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Letting Yourself Make Mistakes 

This is really very very important. When you first write never harp on the writing that is either something you worry about when you reach the end . But just letting yourself make them is important. 

As all behind with a lackluster first effort, I started with a general fiction story that I have no idea where it headed to and Science Fiction that was very much ripped off. My characters were flat and uninteresting at the time but that’s where I started. 

Before the ideas that felt like every epic fantasy set it or urban fantasy, little was done to separate it. And my characters, very very flat. They were indeed the definition of one dimension and boring. 

But then making mistakes and finding that your writing was laughable or the ideas very shoddy. Because the more I wrote the more I learnt, and the same goes for reading. 

Most importantly, is to write and learn. I have abandoned stories before, before revamping them as they were just too flat and not interesting enough. I have written a book which was nothing more than a side story, but I never stopped it. As it was practice, I learned a lot as I wrote, I learned how to write better and about craft. Those words never came to naught, it just help me further understand writing as whole. 

This also applies to ideas that you have written yourself into a hole, figure out where it went wrong and rewrite from there. And no matter how many mistakes you make, there is still a chance. Many readers are willing to give an author who has screwed up her first series a chance, hoping that their writing had gotten better as long as you aren’t  jerk or an asshole as an author they were willing to spare that chance. 

Like I said, learn from all this mistakes. As they are also good for one thing: building up a very thick skin. 

What about you? How do you view such mistakes in writing? Have you made such blunders like I did before? How did it affect you? Please leave uour response below as I do really want to know what you think. 


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