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Eona: The Last Dragoneye 

I truly like this series, especially this. In Eon, it was hard to get past certain pages where it was just dry explanation. Not here, really, not here. Here I was hooked from the first page. 

This sequel had tied up even more and ended well, with everything going nicely like the dragons who existed for five hundred years and it was their end. Eona would be the last Dragoneye like the title states, and I just felt as though the reasons were well rounded. 

Here, secrets were all that existed. Allies were mostly temporary rather than permanent, and that I liked. And no matter what, all returned to who they really were. And villains remains as such. I liked that no matter what, certain traits couldn’t just change, and that Ido was still the same person except they have a similiar goal. And here about Kinra, she was someone that was willing to use any method possible to do it. Even if she killed another, but she always knew the truth. 

One thing great about the plot, was that it revealed all at the right time and secrets were always different. And with each secret revealed, things just changed and changed. I have never read something that changed with just one truth. 

Eona, she’s a good person no matter what. Despite her character being nice, she doesn’t have anything interesting. Kygo too, but Ido I did like him and find him complex. But she was always bound by circumstances and couldn’t do anything, she had many backlashes to her powers and needed to trust people even the most unlikely. 

As for the world, it was just rather interesting to know. Based off the zodiac and Qing dynasty, not a single person would wear in a queue in Imperial China except that particular dynasty. But I loved the world about the dragons, culture and even the gender bias here. And that the dragons were forced into this rather than freely allowed to go inside. 

Overall, I was hooked from the beginning and would recommend this series fully, it had never been boring from the first page and things always manage to suprise me. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 


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