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Hidden Huntress 

You know what? This was a great sequel. Despite having pretty bold decisions which were great choices for me, and deciding to have them split and do different things at different times. That was the reason why I loved this. 

Maybe the romance took a backturn but it’s a reason why I loved it. Because it focused on the world, and for me less is more. Being separated helped their characters grow to be much better people and even more intriguing ones as well. I rather liked their separation as it helped their relationship grow deeper and them to become better people. 

Some of the twists I guessed but some were slightly off guard, but I could see that something was pretty off with her mother. As for Tristan instead where he still continues to fight on and personally I rather liked his train of thought. It clearly was intelligent such as trying to understand his father’s eventual end instead of just looking at the small steps. I haven’t really read a book with political intrigue that was done well in a long time, with a king that wasn’t either a utter adshole or a buffoon running a country. And I enjoyed it. 

Personally, I’m weird in taste when people want to read about epic fights, I want to read battles of the mind and even wits, those are far more interesting. And they can be far more varied through this methods. Rather than having countless action, this intrigues me far more. But it’s not for everybody, like I said some just want to see action, I rather not. 

As for all the deep secrets behind, as Cecile put all of it together, I liked it. In fact, I didn’t find her frustrating at all, I could really relate with her. As for all her actions, I understood them, and protected her mother despite all. I didn’t really find that frustrating or really anything that turned me off about her character. 

As for the world, it really expanded. And was glad for that move to open the world such as Trianon all the while Trollus is still inside. That for me is perfectly fine as it is a fantasy book, and I would have wanted more on the world than what I got. As well as rather intriguing characters such as Aiden, Marie as well as pretty shocking relavations. Although I thought I disliked Fred, but in the end I realised that he did it all to protect his sister. 

As for Anuskha, she was just really really pitiful as a villain. All she wanted was to get back at two but she took the wrong way for it, though they have really suffered for it. But she was a sympathetic villain, and all that she suffered, she chose to use it the wrong way. I didn’t hate her or even find her boring in the least, and this book doen that. Neither was she an idiot, she knrw how to hide herself without even slipping up even once for five hundred years. That I have to admire her, and even find her formidable since it really wasn’t easy until the last minute. 

I would only complain about the beginning when it took time to pick up the pace but since then I have only enjoyed the story. 

Overall, I wouod reconmend this as a fantastic sequel. It doesn’t really suffer from the second book syndrome but instead it helps and even expanded the world with new characters and secrets. As well even more of political machinations. 
Rating: 4 out of 5


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