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This isn’t bad book, even though I disliked it. It was too easy, everything was too simple and that was the main point. It reminded me of Graceling too much, and it did little to separate it. 

And that I really really didn’t and could care less about Kira, she wasn’t really a bad character. But she is really bland, that’s her issue here. She is such a bland and common character that I simply didn’t care. And more things were told rather than shown which made her character even more flat. The other characters were no better either. 

The world was clear, but way too much was on the explanation for my liking. But I enjoyed the fresher setting in Korea which I knew little about. Which makes me think this should have been marketed to middle grade or even children, something which I would read when I was ten. 

And the plot was so simple, I just read with my brain closed and could guess everything from a mile away. 

This is a predictable book and too light. Maybe for a new reader I would reconmend this, but for me it was just bland. Even though I’m fifteen, I found this pretty boring and skimmed through most of it. 

My biggest issue is the lack of female characters here, as none of them apart from Kira even displays any strength or just decide it was a good time for cliff jumping. Even the Queen was nothing more than another character who exists where she could have been more intriguing same for her mother. They just felt there, which could be said for the male characters as well. 

Which is why I disliked the book as it would have been better if there were more well rounded and three dimensional characters. Since I really count on them to enjoy, and I didn’t like Kira, she lacked quite a lot of personality really. 

Overall, I would reconmend when you’re looking for something quick and easy, not when you want something pretty difficult and dark. It’s light-hearted and easy to read, suitable for new readers into this genre. But if you are more of an experienced reader, give this a pass, you will be able to enjoy another book more effectively. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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