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To Do Nano Or Not To Nano 

I have never done Nano, I’m honest about this. Because this year I neither have the time, having school days and practices despite being a holiday is not healthy to be writing a 50,000 words in a month. Even though many have joined in, it just doesn’t strike me as somethibg I would want to do. Maybe in the future, because I believe a solid plan needs to be in place for you to win this. Those who actually complete Nano tend to be very very few in a thousands who do this. 

And personally, it’s not suited for someone like me. I’m very patient and would take my own sweet time to write a book, and lazy which means I forced myself to write daily. But I don’t do Nano despite it might whip me into a good writing habit, because I don’t have any ideas or even the time for this. 

Personally, to do Nano is up to everyone, I just don’t. Because I believe slow and steady wins a race, and Nano may be suited for those who plan a book out rather than jumping right into it. That way, you won’t hit a roadblock halfway and have almost no idea where to start. I believe to really do Nano for some writers, includes having a plan to finish it. It is a competition and that means having the right mindset and preparation. 

And this works more for those who enjoys competition and having a large community writing alongside you. And those who see deadlines as fixed and cannot be changed. 

I really would edit all the words again until I feel it was the best I could do as I know it doesn’t fit. I’m picky that way, but I would reedit it once I finish. I just get it over with in the best way possible. 

And I just don’t do Nano due to time constraints really. Even though it’s great practice but personally, I like to take my time and not madly rush through a book when most of the words can be discarded in the end. For me, a first draft isn’t just to write all the ideas out, but to weave them together in the roughest way possible. 

And that’s why I just don’t do Nano. For those who really wish to do it, think about it? Are you someone who likes to work with competition? Is your novel really nagging at you to be written? Do you have a solid plan how you can do this? Leave your responses below as I really want to hear from them. 


6 thoughts on “To Do Nano Or Not To Nano 

  1. I’m an edit as I go writer, and when I did Nano last year, it was a challenge to keep going without backtracking. I wrote 60,000 words and they weren’t too bad, but the pressure was hard and I ended up with the flu. I’m glad I tried it, but I didn’t sign up this year. I’m doing my unofficial version and just aiming for 2,000 words a day without the pressure. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the comment, and that does sound quite a lot to do. I barely can finish 1000 words a day depending on how much I could write in the day. And I might be considering doing it next year or the yesr after depending on my schedule really, since I have a major exam next year

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