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Swords And Sorcery

This was actually written quite well, and the novella had been quite an interesting ride. The world is quite intriguing, and I did like certain parts. But the main issue with this is mainly how difficult it was to form a deep bond with the characters here. 

But I did enjoy the small bits and pieces, as well as various elements which I think were quite well done. The worldbuilding was quite solid and well explained, just that it was rather hard to connect with certain characters which can be because of its length. 

But this is a rather good fantasy set in a medieval setting without ever feeling too boring. I don’t really like this sort of settings without anything intriguing as well. 

Given its length, the plot moved quite fast introducing various elements. Such as Colin and Otto both being from another world, and that they have to save. But thankful that the typical chosen ones haven’t really come into play letting me enjoy their adventures. Which I believe was much more important. 

Overall, I would reconmend this to thoSe who enjoy fantasy. And a book which is more world oriented than character wise. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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