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Ice Like Fire 

This was definitely an addictive read despite it being rather predictable, where I could see everything coming a mile away. But I enjoyed this very very much, and guessed and got the answer. Does is suffer from the second book syndrome? A little I have to admit. 

My main issue with this book should be the ultimate villain, he still wasn’t developed as a character. Neither interesting nor even intriguing. And that his character true nature is just pure evil I still don’t know his motives at all. 

But Meira’s struggle was well portrayed here despite her character being very very selfless and didn’t think of herself much. I just cannot fathom how come she will this good. I expected a little more complexity and cunningness as a monarch now, she keeps secrets. But I don’t really think she knows how to save her country and even run it efficiently. 

As for the new characters I enjoyed the far more balanced Noam who despite everything disliked having to even sell a single Cordellan as he thinks them as his. Whereas Yakim is far more harsh in treating its people expecting use of them and what they have is according to what they do. The children and many live in poverty but once they are useful they can just turn their fates over. These two were actually the more interesting of the two. As for Raelyn, just pure evil and her character is just flat. As for Simon, how did he even manage to stay a king for so damn long? I think his sister did most of the ruling for him it seems from what I read. 

My main issue is that some are very exaggerated and still amazed they managed to still be a king for so long. I expected that at least all of them have a strong will, if they could be in power for so long. It made me just wonder how the hell this kingdom even ended functioning, when some are just idiots running a country. Since this is a fantasy, I expect a kingdom where the monarchs are truly monarch and have that kind of aura. And please, manipulation always exists in politics. It’s not an evil trait to have. 

But the plot here was predicable and ended well with Meira escaping and everything. To Pailsy it is for them. But it was additive and I just continued reading. Well, but I expected monarch who are at least blessed with decent intelligence even with magic they still need strength to control a country. Their magic can help them, but not forever sustain their reign.

As for Mather, I enjoyed what he did here. He helped out even though he had his own issues and just did what he could. Even forming a group and everything. And that he was continuing and building a defense line for Winter 

As for the world indeed it was quite fascinating and the characters expanded. There were some verh intriguing characters and some were developed in a way I liked. Some just lost their interest. 

Other than that, I have to say this was a solid sequel despite having some faults. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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