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This was much better than Cinder. In fact, I was never glad how much another fairytale character could be in this story. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. And the ending, I think I know who it might  refer to that they would hunt in another book. 

It made so much sense why Cress had such a cover when the ending was like this. As for Cinder, she worked far better when she was only a side character. As well as Thorne, who was really really intriguing. More so because he is a fugitive and that I really enjoyed his character, and in fact felt crazily self centered. 

And Scarlet and Wolf, where I actually enjoyed them. Their dynamic was quite interesting to read, and I rooted for them really. Scarlet was just very very fiery and stubborn from the start. Wolf was mysterious and quite shady many times. Yet somehow I never felt as though he was feral. 

The plot here is actually just interesting, of another character who was linked to Princess Selene and helped her, as well as how the little red riding hood fairytale myth worked into this very well. From finding her grandmother and even all the possible secrets of her past. In fact, her background sets up a lot of interesting misunderstandings just waiting to happen. 

As for Kaito, where he tries to stabilise the Commonwealth and does it through the cost of Cinder. Personally, I feel his pain that he is forced to make that jind of decision. At least he tried to put the country above all which to me was something that is really hard to do. And wasn’t an idiot, although did nothing to help them but didn’t do anything. His decision in the end, was a matter of time. Simply forced by circumstances is sometbing I would say. 

But other than that, this was a fantastic sequel. And that without Cinder as its main focus, it does a much better job. As in the previous book, well she just so happens to be a robot and a true literal cyborg. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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