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You know what, I was hooked from the start. This was an addictive read, there was no other words for it. I have loved retellings but most are of the fantasy type, but this Sci-fi book really just engaged me. 

From the beginning where I was introduced to Cress, I just read on and on. Being the damsel in distress, all the while knowing how to hack and is a skilled hacker. She was my absolute favourite. Although quite naive about the world. But she was locked up what can I say? However her character become interesting and her relationship with Thorne and that I never thought it could connect in such a way. In a sense, this romance was just rather nice to read, even though it seemed unrealistic but I never felt as though it was rather manipulative. 

As for Cinder, well she still is very very selfless when it came to many incidents. But I feel as though when she tries to think of a plan, she seems to be flexible and ready to do anything. All the while being afraid, she did feel afraid and held her gift back. 

Kai I believe is actually rather intriguing as he does what he can, and actually realises that most cyborgs were forced into it and trying to locate Princess Selene.

As for Wolf and Scarlet, they probably have one of the hardest hit here being separated and everything. In fact it created and made Scarlet’s even more worrying all the while introducing another that is very important. And that she seems to be rather interesting given that she is the centre of the last book. 

The plot here gets thicker as some secrets are dug out, such as the secrets behind the diseases as well as the identities. It worked very well tying up many many loose holes that are very much present. As for Levana, can’t deny my interest in her for the reason and her point of view was just interesting. Well, guess I would be reading another book. 

Overall, I really really enjoyed this from the beginning with many moments that i just laughed. All the while I reread scenes as well as certain pages over and over. Those were my absolute favourite. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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