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Heir Of Fire 

I liked this a lot more than Crown Of Midnight. Celaena having to learn to master her power the really hard way is something that I’m always reading to read. All the while going through that kind of thing, I have to admit that it was hard. 

Celaena who broke down this book to me was more human than anything. And having to see her work her butt off to control her amazing power was actually interesting. 

As for Manon, well I liked reading about her from the start. Her chapters were actually another light to this book. And all that she went through just to become a part of those wyvern riders was enjoyable for me. And heck I cared about her a lot. 

As for Rowan, well I don’t know what to think of them as lovers(from spoilers in the next book) but anyway they do lack quite a lot of chemistry that makes them click. And being friends would make it far better than lovers. That is what I think judging by this book. As a mentor I have to admit that he’s incredibly harsh on her, but somehow he did interest me. As for his background quite tragic, but I feel nothing about his character right now. 

Dorian and Chaol, can I just admit that it was during these two POVs that I enjoyed the most. They are all flawed and sometimes even more realistic than most. Celaena was human, but here they felt even more. 

As for the king, well he is even more of an asshole than before. At least that’s consistent. But as a villain, I’m more or less curious as to what his motives are which haven’t been developed yet. But the answer comes to me: does he have another motive or is he just bad for the sake of it? 

But I did enjoy more about the Wyrdkeys and especially Celaena’s confrontation with Maeve which was by far one of the most interesting ones I have seen. Maeve is actually intriguing, as I believe to have only seen the surface of her character because really, she’s centuries old, there is still far more to her than that. I’m sure of it. 

Overall I enjoyed this sequel even more, though it’s still not without itd flaws but did it drag much? Not really, moments it had dragged but overall, this was a great read to me. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5, 


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