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The Reader 

I would say that this isn’t a bad book but neither is it excellent. The world here isn really intriguing but once you try to dwell deeper and the characters are quite lacking. I simply didn’t care about them in the least, and that hampered much of my ability to read it. 

There were so many instances where I was quite bored and set it down for another, Sefia is a dull character and now did I realise that there is another set of POV that never really got any form of resolution or even meaning, like Lon’s viewpoint which made me guess constantly why it’s even there.  

As for the world, it’s quite typical with everything with the exception of reading. A nice twist was to realise that reading words could have effects on people which makes sense why reading eventually just fell out of favour. 

As for the plot, simple but still doesn’t reveal much. Apart from the secrets of the book there is still much to explore which was quite a redeeming factor in the book which kept me interested. The world here was fascinating and the stories about where quite intriguing and far more interesting than Sefia really. 

Sefia as a character is rather boring as a thief that never even felt like one, something about her just doesn’t feel as though she had survived the streets. As well as the part where she learns to read, it was more or less quite ridiculous she picked it up with such ease. I believe there should have been far more of struggle or you know once looking into her parents reading and learning a little bit. As for her parents and background, I simply don’t care. Because I have no idea who they were what did they do or if they even meant anything to Sefia, which I doubted since how she never bothered to even mention them at least on occasion. Or even thinking about her parents. 

The book’s mysteries center around the book but it also has much that it needs to cover as well and even explain. The world here is somewhat typical but with an interesting thing, and the main character I feel is lacking in plenty of things. But this didn’t make me want to scream at anything while reading or bang my head into a wall, which means it isn’t terrible but neither good either. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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