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The Lies Of Locke Lamora 

This had been such a blast to read. I have never been more interested and addicted to the series. The Lies Of Locke Lamora is really interesting in areas such as plot, characters, and so many other aspects. But one thing’s straight, this book isn’t for those who cannot take cussing. Not where there is so much of it. 

But who cares about it. Locke is one hell of an anti-hero and for once a thief that I don’t despise or feel as though he was absolutely useless. He is every bit I thought of him, reading about him conning money was much more interesting as for the blood part. I don’t think I would rather read about him killing than what he does best: robbing people of their fortunes. And he is every bit of it, and seriously whatever you do do not mess with his friends. The poor soul who have done that… let’s just say that none of them ended well. And seriously he doesn’t hold back so when you make him angry, god bless you. 

As for the world, I have never been mote interested. It is one interesting world where all are just trying to rob each other. Another is true gender equality, women here are respected they do what they need to do. And there are some very very scary women in this book, really I kid you not. Imagine muscle woman and the most dangerous man in the city of Camorr is a woman. Either way, I didn’t find the lack of female friends within Locke quite annoying or even the brutal death of Nazca. Not when these women existed. As for Sabtherna, I’m interested more or less in her. 

As for the plot, I have never been more surpised at the events. How it goes about? It starts with the Gray King, who is absolutely insane and has many identities. Same with Locke, though at the end I think his first name was more or less embarrassing enough to make him change it to Locke. But here, I like it even more. And there are really no good people here, Locke has a conscience but seriously he tortured a person by cutting off all his fingers. 

As for the antagonist, he was extreme, there isn’t another word for his character. The things and lengths he’s willing to go is more or less disturbing but at the same time sensible in the eyes of him, driven by revenge he made really interesting decisions and even added a lot more to the story. And his plans, they were crazy and insane but made sense. 

Is there another word to express how good I felt? I don’t know. I haven’t felt more satisfied with a book in a long time, and this was just freaking awesome of a hook and a hell of a ride. What can I say to all potential readers? Pick these up if you are really sick and tired of reading fantasy where the anti-heroes are never what they are, the heroes bland and even the villains underwhelming or pointless. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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