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The Swan Kingdom 

Not a really bad book. I did find it easy to read it to its end. Although there are some issues that I think is problematic but not much. 

Mostly it’s about Alexandria being not beautiful, she is just plain. Although I like characters that are as plain as they are beautiful, she made too much out of it. It feels as though the end of the world was for her when she was plain. Maybe is she has some impairment or something that did make her ugly. She’s not ugly but not pretty either. And really, she holds herself too low. 

But even then, I did like her as she changed slowly. And at the end, I did prefer her actions to be about saving her brothers rather than gawking at the love interest. 

The book is slightly lesser on the romance. But not a horrible retelling really, even though this hasn’t been something I read very often for fairytale retelling. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

As for the characters, they are not bad nothing really wrong with them. Maybe it’s a little lacking in more depth, for many of them. Even Gabriel is still rather flat in characterization as well as her brothers. Like there is no difference between them. And also, maybe scenes when they banter like a family I didn’t feel that they were close honestly.  

The writing here is what really makes it better given how the writing was, slow and deep with the descriptions here are vivid and rich. Although I do want a little more, a better characterization of the characters. But it’s mostly my own personal tastes, and that maybe a little more of the meaning beneath it. 

But other than that, I did rather like this, although it’s still a little lacking. But if you want a retelling that is still a standalone, I would suggest picking it up.  

Rating: 3 out of 5 


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