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You know what, I loved Levana’s story. She isn’t a villain from the start but I could feel her presence from the beginning. About her as a person, and how everything changed from her. As well as what made her this insecure and a full villain in the end. And she was believable, from the beginning as rather manipulative which I do think almost all monarchs need a little bit of. Otherwise, well it all comes down to luck. 

Frankly, she’s quite sad once I see deeper. All she wanted was to be loved, but she moved on quickly from her own thinking about it. Showing much about her personality instead of a full melodrama, and in a sense forced the one she loved to marry her. 

As for Channary, I doubt she was even an angel. Here we have her making an antidote to her father’s illness, but I think it may have been for biological warfare itself. And she contributed a lot to Levana’s own insecurities about never revealing a face, given how Levana actually looked, can’t say I’m surprised she was insecure about it. And as a queen, she seemed to play around with men quite a lot, her daughter doesn’t even seem to know who is her father. But her character was quite interesting nonetheless, how she was important to Levana and wasn’t any kind of angel either. 

As for Evret, the husband of Levana, I don’t really know what to think of him. Other than he’s really really scared of what Levana might do, even though he may have not loved her at the time, but he was important nonetheless to how Levana was. And bit by bit, I really saw her change and become worse as a person. To really doing all her plans, and just trying to improve her country. For once, I enjoyed this where the villain isn’t just some black hole of immorality but rather human and having mistakes and even redeemable. I do reconmend this to those who really want a glimpse into her past and see what made her who she is. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 


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