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This was one massive book, but still didn’t take me a long time to read it. If there’s one thing I really enjoy about this series is that it’s really enjoyable. Though this book lacked a little bit of the comedy factor which made me laugh out loud many times previously. 

But with the newest addition which is Winter, who is no doubt a rather interesting character. She chose to not use her abilities which is the main reason for her insanity, but I still liked her. But she never really felt emotionally unstable or even having really strange hallucinations often to me, just some mutterings. Really, Levana is psychotic for trying to kill her when she could have been far worse. 

As for the fairytale similarities here is rather alike, with enough to remind me that this is a retelling yet more than that. With the plot still having characters which mirror such as the way Levana chose to have Selene die, the same way she became disfigured. 

And ending wise, I enjoyed it really really enjoyed it. Personally, my favourite had been Thorne’s own way of trying to be a decent man to actually try to earn Cress which is the best way to go. He doesn’t seek redemption but rather earns it, and proves himself. That is really a good example of a guy. 

The rest didn’t really stick with me nearly as much. Perhaps it’s just that with Kai and Cinder, they seem kinda perfect already, there isn’t really much of anything left. But I did really like the part about her wanting to dissolve the monarchy, seems that she has the ability to guess that eventually this would happen again. 

As for the plot here, at the cost of witty moments there were far more serious ones where their lives were truly in danger. Where they could have died and everything. I really cared about them and the tension was incredibly high despite it all. But there were many moments where I were more or less distanced from the book since this is by far the longest book I have picked up. 

As for their relationship, they have one hell of one. It was really a good kind of friendship, having trust as well as differences yet none were ever cast aside. That is a good friendship and all of them really contributed and none were just there to make the numbers, and by far I really really liked this kind of sisterhood which I rarely see anymore. 

Overall, this was a satisfying conclusion to the entire series. And the length was far longer than I thought and took me three times the time to finish it, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it and found it well done. The only thing that I felt it lacked was scenes which made me laugh which I think was more or less important to try and really take me in, but still enjoyable nonetheless. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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