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Sorcerer To The Crown 

Well, I rather enjoyed this book. Despite the characters being quite flat, and nor nearly as complex as I would have liked, but the book itself does shine in the language as well as the worldbuilding. 

The plot here is actually rather simple, but I do rather like how it challenged and how it was really different for all the classes. The worldbuilding here is nonetheless intriguing to read about, despite sometimes the characters are quite dull at times. And the villain, he was merely meh to me. 

The world is fascinating, and the character which I liked the most here most likely would have to be Prunella. She feels natural as well as self-reliant, yet never seems to go overboard. As for her roots, all of a sudden, I think it might have more to do in subsequent books. And that she was relatable and trying to break rules, yet not just utterly rebellious but willing to try things differently. Which I think is more or less realistic given the fact women here are taught to not use their magic. 

Zacharias, he was dull. I barely felt anything regarding him, but his deal with Leodric does seem interesting if short lived. Even though he’s the main character, I’m more or less more invested in Prunella, since she is a little more active than he is. But trying to help women and stamp out the issues is a good thing but just that his character is extremely flat to me. 

As for the actual themes, such as racism since both characters are more or less of colour is quite a good addition here as they represent such issues about the racism occurring during that kimd of timeline. My guess that the hierarchy is more or less based off Regency/Victorian times. 

Despite that, it is rather light hearted and the romance rather subtle and nor dominating the book. Most of it went towards training Prunella, as well as the potential villains they might face. But this wasn’t really that bad a book, and there were parts where I was more or less impressed and even wanting to continue read this series. Despite the characters doesn’t really seem as complex as they are, but nonetheless I do want to know whether the next book continues their adventure since it seemed quite a complete ending, or follow another set. 

Overall, I think this is a pretty fantastic book for those interested in how magic also affects society. And maybe a more light-hearted view towards racism, sexism and such.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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