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Code Name Verity 

Contrary to most, I didn’t want to cry after reading this book. I didn’t have much of an emotion after this. But the story was good, and white exciting and the way it’s written rather engaging in its own way. 

Here I have Maddie who is a pilot, and captured by the German, although I was guessing at her identity since it was rather confusing and most of the time the narrator was unreliable. She used many names, which shouldn’t be of surprise since she is in the military and subsequently captured. 

The plot here is rather interesting with it being about Maddie, who I really thought was the best friend, but nonetheless interesting at times, and others where it really started to make me lose my interest. 

The style it’s written is really interesting switching between first and third with narration due to it being what Maddie herself wrote, who should have guessed once the report was written in third person. But despite it all, I feel almost no tears coming out from this story, it’s just that I don’t feel anything about this. 

But the theme here is really touching, although at times distant since most of the book switched and tended to confuse me as well, seeing how unreliable the narrator was, I really only guessed and confirmed who she was at the end with that letter which I read. Other than that, I spent most of it guessing. 

It’s just that I couldn’t feel anything after reading this which made me have to lower the rating, since it is really hard to write like this. But it still was engaging mostly the moments when she was in captivity. 

But otherwise, I have to admit that it was enjoyable, and just that it really failed to move me at all. So, for some who is advised to get a box of tissues, but for me, not really necessary. Maybe I just simply cannot connect deeply with sometimes how confused I was, and that I didn’t trust what I was actually reading. 

So, maybe check this out if you’re curious, because I did get a good time despite really failing to tug upon my heartstrings. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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