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The Rithmathist 

I have never been more addicted to a fantasy book about chalk drawings but damn they are pretty badass here. As for the entire plot, I was still more or less surpised by the ending. There was so much red herring thrown around that in the end, it was the guy I would never in a million years think of. 

I would say keeping Joel as a normal person was by far the best choice, that he remains as who he is. And really, his  knowledge of Rithmatics is more or less mind blowing. As well as managing to draw almost a perfect circle, and having the ability to see when it’s off, well never have I been more interested in a character. And seriously, I really liked him despite his know-it-all attitude but mainly because he’s incredibly active. I don’t think I have seen a guy so willing to throw his marks away so that he can study under the professor who knows what you have been desperately wanting to know your whole life. And somehow that made for a pretty good character. Although not one of the most amazing and mould breaking but nonetheless quite fantastic. 

As for Melody, she was still a pretty good addition here. Even though she didn’t seem to contribute much, but at the end, I guess her existence would give another thing to Joel, a road open. And that if both of them end up as partners of some sort, I’m more or less hoping for that. Joel isn’t a Rithmatist yet is still far better at knowing the strategies to use depending on the situation, and Melody is pretty horrible at circles but manages to still draw a pretty good set of chalklings and for her, I just love her willingness to admit of her obsession with unicorns. 

As for the actual mystery, there was some pretty good surpises here. And even at the end, there is still another turn and twist that has me wondering what just happened. And more or less setting up the eventual books. As for the suspect, it’s always had been there yet not sonehow as balant as Nalizar. And even the second poor soul who got framed he wasn’t either. 

As for the system, normally I wouldn’t think much of using such an underwhelming way of creating magic. But here, it is just brilliant and even awesome. With the explanations actually being believable and having some ground in reality, seemingly seeing that this is set in an alternate world. And also makes sense to me with its grounding in geometry which I have studied enough to know a lot about, and slightly hate at times. 

Overall, I think this is a brilliant book. And that I would most likely read the sequel when it comes out and Sanderson’s other books, even though I particularly reserved them so that I could read them. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


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