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The Winner’s Curse 

This book is a really slow book, it takes nearly forever before it managed to grab my attention at the end. That was when things really got interesting. 

The entire beginning itself is very slow, and it takes a little too long before the whole rebel plot is put into action. Maybe I would have wanted it a little quicker, a little more dangerous and a little more intense. 

Here having the entire city taken siege, although rose some stakes but didn’t even manage to connect me to Kestrel, seeing how incredibly distant she was to it. 

She is also incredibly boring as a main character, but I did like her stubbornness on some occasion, and that she mostly came off as conceited and even quite self absorbed. It didn’t even seem as though she really cared much until the city was taken, and even then she remained quite dull. 

For me, it focused a little too much on the romance, and that it was dull. Maybe I wanted to see Kestrel trying to outwit them a little more and play the spy, which was enjoyable to read about nonetheless. 

Perhaps I would have read about the dry politics rather than the heavy romance, which was more or less boring me. And the worldbuilding was also pretty vague by all means. 

So, my main issue with this book is that it just focused too much on the romance when I preferred a little more on the plot, but when there was such it was still pretty enjoyable without it. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 


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