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On Writing Strong Female Characters 

I believe that this characters don’t need to know how to fight, neither do they need to be extremely powerful. They just need to display strength in the best way possible, when in peril, they choose to be strong rather than just whine endlessly about how life was unfair to them. 

And ‘strong’ doesn’t mean invincible either, it means that they still have flaws and are normal with their own issues. With such issues, they are more human rather than just the epitome of an empowered female. And most importantly, they have some importance to the plot. 

One thing I dislike about such strong females is the need to reject their identity, I’m fine with them able to fight. But I tend to dislike such characters unless of course, they are shown the different types of power even the softest women can wield. 

In fact, I’m fine with them really disliking dresses or skirts, but to deny that they are a woman is something that I think it is not strong at all, since they are admitting they do not want to be a woman. 

And for me one of the most important things of all has to be that they must she agency and goals. A female character who is just there is boring, dreadfully so. They must want something and think something which is ultimately what makes me like them. 

Even if their personalities tend to be very grey and even villains, ultimately I still like them based on their goals and how driven they are. Not how good they are. But how their personality is like, and how they would face all adversity. Even if they are annoying, plucky or just girly, as long as they have some sort of goal they want to fulfil and an ambition they are willing to work for is what I consider a strong female character. 

So what do you think about this? What is your thoughts about strong female characters? Leave it all below as I would like to see your opinions in this. 


3 thoughts on “On Writing Strong Female Characters 

  1. I agree with you about this. I don’t like strong female characters who don’t like being a woman. If a “strong” female character is going to think like that, then they are not a strong female character to me.

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  2. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with a female character not wanting to be womanly. They can be compelling characters, if done right. Also males who don’t want to be manly can be interesting. But there has to be a reason for it, and it has to be real for the character. One of the characterizations that bothered me a lot was a TV character, the woman captain on Castle during the middle seasons. She demanded everyone call her “sir.” That’s just stupid. Language conventions have nothing to do with ones strength. Such demands suggest insecurity more than they do strength.

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    1. Well, I won’t really agree unless that female character is also shown the other types of strong female which was the real reason why a book really worked for me. I’m usually fine with them not being womanly too, but it’s just a matter of whether they accept their identity and not just reject it and think themselves one of the boys.


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