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Kuroshitsuji 123 

What I have seen this chapter was quite interesting indeed, since the stars finally talk. Which brings me to this, do I think now that Undertaker had a huge involvement in this? Maybe. It goes either way now. 

Because it the stars definitely seem to be completely able to have personal thoughts, and are not obsessed with souls. Which either means Undertaker really stepped up his game, or they are humans in the first place. 

Which comes to chapter 115 where we see the hand, and most say it’s that of an old man. Lord Sirius may just be extremely old, and that it may not be Ciel’s twin. To me, that has some basis and a lot of truth, but there can still be another plot twist thrown in about that one. 

As for Bravat, I’m still interested in him and his character especially his motives. He might not particularly involved with Undertaker, it doesn’t exactly point to him now given how the Lord of the stars are. But I’m still interested in why he’s doing this. 

As for the Lord of the stars, apart from Sirius, who never spoke. It seemed that they might be human after all, but possibly inflicted with an incurable disease of sorts and believe blood is their answer. I don’t think it’s immortality or vampires, since there seems to be a butler inside. Well, it might be an introduction of a new butler-master duo. As for Polaris, it might more be Lords than Lord. But they still remain incredibly mysterious. 

So, do I think that they would be new characters that just have a lot to do with Ciel’s past seeing where this arc would head and was told it would go down. Likely, as we can finally see who actually was the cult that tried to sacrifice him, as they might have been desperate enough to resort to that. But I’m placing my bets on the cult, it seems to still be the most mysterious of all, we still don’t know much about the..  

But moving on, to the newspaper reporter, it seems too suspicious that he seemed to be wearing roughly the same thing as the guy whose face was never revealed inside the Aristocrats of evil. Though he does look quite young, and my running theory is that he was just a late addition. It makes sense, since I know very little about all their backgrounds and some haven’t been revealed yet. Those we know who are involved with the Phantomhives before Ciel is Undertaker, Dedrich and Madam Red, not so much on the woman who cover her face. So the camera guy, is 90% a part of the Aristocrats of evil, I’m really thinking it. 

But nonetheless I did enjoy the boy band part, but here we do see it come nicely to a close. To me, I’m fine with the explanation we are given, and also some hints about the similarities between Vincent and Ciel. Both have a rather similar way of doing things, just it might be different. After all, Vincent is one complicated guy, I’m still trying to see him as a character and really thinks that there is far more than what we see. And that there might be more importance to Rachel, as Vincent could be just the red herring thrown to us, it seems suspicious to really mention the father yet not the mother. And I don’t think for a second Rachel was kept in the dark about what her husband does. Just look at Elizabeth, she knows despite only being Ciel’s fiancée.  

And I read this chapter many days ago, just waited until the English version came out. Since I’m more or less paranoid about missing out on something given my ability to read Chinese and understand it. 


3 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji 123 

    1. Well, not really for me. I really gotten some pretty good laughs and immersed myself in Kuroshitsuji. And that I have read a lot more manga longer than that. As for the recent arcs, well it’s not exactly strange but nonetheless heading down a pretty dark direction


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