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The Emperor’s Soul 

Well, this was a pretty interesting book. About forgers, seals, resealers, it was nonetheless interesting. Sanderson is starting to really climb the ladder to becoming one of my most favourite authors. This is really no exception to the case. 

Here, Shai dominated the entire book. As an interesting character, she steals and tries to make people think what’s fake is real. And really I liked her intelligence and always having a backup plan, it just feels like her since she is after all a skilled con artist. I’ll use the word for her since it suits her the most. And when she is burdened with the most impossible task, which is to forge an entire soul. Which is the whole title of this book. 

And really, the situation for her couldn’t have been any worse. She is monitored with layers of security and I loved her intellect here, and her ability to do so much. All the while remaining an incredibly static character. Yet still remaining interesting. 

The world is even more intriguing, about forgery, making faked items to be believed as real, and Shai having to commit the ultimate way. To fool millions of people through the Emperor. Only the person who knows them extremely well can even tell that kind of difference in the end. 

And that’s basically all I have to say about this. It’s enjoyable and fascinating all the while a short read, but the explanations never too far out the window and gave me a lot of food for thought. Overall, I recommend this  to fantasy readers to read. Those who want something short and quick, just pick this up. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


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