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Well, here I believe is where a lot of the interesting points come into play. Such as the ending, being something that might end unwinding for good, and dealing with someone that is made from unwind parts. And all the while following Connor and Lev as they try to survive. 

The information on the Rhineschild here was even interesting to read nonetheless, where little tidbits here and there were more than enough to tell of Janson Rhineschild. As well as how did Unwinding really became a part of the society, and how it became a daily occurence, accepted by all. 

All the while following another set of characters and seeing hell break loose through Starkey’s action. And seeing Hayden alive was something that I didn’t mind, I rather liked him in fact. All the while Risa is also on the run, where she manages to find a suitable place to hide. 

Well, the fight on ending unwinding probably has only just begun, and really this was a long long book. And at times I was rather bored, well dragged due to some point of views being mostly unimportant people. 

As for Camus, well nonetheless still surpised with how things turned out for him and where he was in the end. Even though I have really nothing on him but I never really liked him, he was both fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Una, I totally agree with you about his existence. And his obsession with Risa can be rather strange, even stranger is also his sudden dislike for a guy that Risa liked. But he still rather interesting, and most likely a villain. 

Overall, I do like this addition although at times some of it may have been random. But it does bring up a lot of food for thought, and the likeliness of where it would end. So, I would still reconmend this at the end of the day, since this is one of the better dystopian books. Some in this genre has almost no real reason why the world could turn out like that. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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