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The Final Empire

Well, Brandon Sanderson is making his way to the top of my favourite fantasy authors. I just loved this book, for all the issues here is actually intriguing. With that one single question can come such a complex book, with many surpises at the end. 

The twists were actually something that I didn’t really see coming, although the hints were there. Also, the plans for a rebellion are actually pretty decently well thought out. It feels like a rebellion plan against someone who has controlled an empire for over a thousand years, and it actually is complex and just perfect. 

The main character Vin she’s actually relatable, all her emotions are yet never felt as though she was top stupid to live. Some moments even when it’s complete idiocy, I just find myself cheering her on, and hoping she succeeds. And in the end, she was a hero of a sort. But not a hero made by prophecies but rather by choice. And slowly from just a really mistrustful creature that she is in the beginning, to someone that learns to trust and even love. 

Kelsier, he is truly the most foresighted idiot I have ever read about. He is ruthless, and his plan may have been insane(he did just engineer his own death) and all the more workable in the end. It’s like he knew what must be done, and how to bring up all the skaa for a rebellion in the first place. It was one of the greatest surprises I have read about in the end, and that I liked his character, and his death is more or less a surprise, but it’s more surprising that he chose to die to rise upon them. 

Elend, he was actually an interesting nobleman. And perhaps he isn’t such a bad person, actually I like having both sides of the coin being shown. That not all nobleman are truly evil. And his wishes to actually change the world one step at a time. 

The world is deep, and actually well thought out with Allomacy actually being one of the most developed magical systems. And for once is actually brutal, what do they do when noblemen sleep with skaa, they most likely have to kill her afterwards. To even those keepers, where most of them are castrated and in the end, actually why is pretty horrifying and terrible as a reason. 

Enough on that, the main villain may have been rather not there for most of the book, but then there is actually some pretty interesting twists. And the concept he is surrounded by at the beginning is a hero that must have went mad with power, but not exactly either way. The end reveals a lot more of secrets behind him, and is surprising all the while revealing his true identity. 

Overall, The Final Empire had been something I wanted to get my hands on for a long long time. And it does live up up to almost all expectations I have, and for once the world is actually well thought out rather than based off some culture with some twists inside. So, would I recommend it? To all fantasy readers, mostly high fantasy. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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