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Three Dark Crowns 

This was an underwhelming book, it dragged on for a long time until the end. And really most of the beginning is set up, where I would have preferred some intrigue early on, where all the sisters start. 

Well, I thought that this might be quite different seeing that we have three sisters which are meant to fight for the throne and decide it. I was expecting them to fight it out early on, using any means to get the throne. But it never came, even until the end. 

I don’t really sed Mirabella, Katherine or even Arisonoe actually trying to outwit each other. It was mostly all around them, they just simply listened. Their resolve to get the throne doesn’t even come until the end, where Katherine gains somewhat of a resolve. The rest of them, were as empty as they were before. 

Worldbuilding wise, it is interesting even though I don’t have much information on how do they even get money, or even have that kind of resources to continuously have so many princesses try and kill each other. 

And what happens to the guys? What if they are born to the Royal family, I’m certain that even the goddess cannot prevent that kind of choice. I haven’t gotten anything about what happens to them, and where do they end up. Even princesses in reality have duties to fulfil. 

As for the power all going to black council, what does the queen actually do? Even puppet Queens are mostly just a figure, the story does say that they are supposed to guide them. But then, what do they actually do to help the people and guide them? It never was clear. 

And it never really seemed that any of the three princesses actually thought about their duties or seemed to know what it entailed. If the power lies with the black council, why are they even bothering to kill each other for? If it’s absolute control over the entire world, sure by all means go ahead, it’s a plausible goal. But without the real reason why the queen even exists in the first place and what role does she play, it just becomes really really unclear and doubtful why are they are choosing to kill each other. 

However, the Naturalists, Poisoners and Elementals are actually an interesting bunch of people. They all seem to meld together even though how harmony is actually kept is far beyond me, given how little I knew of it. 

Most of what’s here is mostly about the characters, and their love interests, and actually little about the plot. I found myself mostly skimming the book, and just reading it without my brain on. The only thing relatively scheming is the ploy to convince all others it’s sacrificial year, and the entire scheme to retaliate. The ending was actually quite interesting to read really but other than that, it was mostly boring.

Overall I can’t really recommend this because it’s really really not what I expected. Maybe I might read the next book and see what the Queen actually does and more about the world. But it’s something I’m not sure about. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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