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Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

I mostly deal with criticism through this method, I just deal with it offline. And with a little analyzing before I just put it behind me and move on. 

Because really, it’s tiring if every little bit of criticism gets to me, and most of them is tearing apart my writing and grammar. And if I spent all my time just editing, I wouldn’t able to spent it on thinking up what future chapters are about. 

And another major reason why I don’t go back to it, it’s because it’s mostly a first draft for me, and really I mostly listen to those who criticise me on the plot, character, show not tell part. Because grammar wise, I can still polish it eventually and even look for an editor to help me when I can’t do it myself. Which probably would be after the last revision, I don’t want to burden an editor when I only have three chapters written. 

But I need my plot down first and my characters to be alive, before I think about the writing and grammar. If I spent it worrying over every little detail than more than likely I won’t get anything done. Those details I can scrutinize it once my plot is strong, my characters are characterized well enough. 

And I’m the type that needs to update as I write, otherwise I really get lazy and then forget to write. If not for all the stories which are piling up in my head that I keep on writing, and sometimes even looking for new ideas. 

So, I deal with it by just reading it, shrugging then moving on. Especially if it’s mostly to do with grammar, I’ll eventually go back to it, just not now when I’m still on my first draft. And I still read through all my chapters before I post at least once, usually to add things or to straighten some issues that I think needs to be fixed. Grammar just isn’t my strong suit to say the least. 

So, how do you deal with criticism? And how does it really affect you? Or how much of it do you really listen to? Please leave it all below as I would really like to hear from you. 


7 thoughts on “Criticism: How do I deal with them? 

  1. I like how you handle feedback, and I agree with you. Whatever I post online is the first draft, so I don’t see the point in getting mad. However, I used to take feedback like a brat, but I’ve gotten better about it. In the past, I was in a book club that would critique people’s writing. The problem I noticed favoritism in the group. So all the writers who were buddy-buddy with each other would leave nice reviews, and if you weren’t in the “club,” you will get the negative feedback all round.

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    1. I see, well I guess that I really listened to those blog posts regarding feedback, and most of it was relatively constructive on my side and most of it was easy for me to just read as they may sugarcoat it but still point out errors, and thankfully somehow I never really managed to get myself into such a book club. Most of the book clubs I joined, some are pretty good in giving you critiques that are useful to improving the craft, and some just for my reads but also don’t ignore my mistakes and errors. That kind of clubs just sound horrible to me to experience, and I don’t know what I would have done if I had joined such a club. Thanks for your response, it’s always good to hear your input

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      1. Ah, I see. Lol, I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog then you know my feelings about Wattpad. I used to love that site, but well, you know the story. I actually moved to and I love it so much! I’ve already gotten some readers there and feedback, so I’m hoping I’ll have a better experience.

        Don’t get me wrong, Wattpad does have some pros, but I don’t think it was the site for me. Besides, no one will miss me anyway.

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      2. Well I know about it, I have read through a lot of your posts regarding it. Yeah, and I do agree about it not being for everyone. I’m particularly content with slowly gaining readers and followers on my books, and chatting with few friends there. And I also wish you luck on as well, hope that you will also have a far better experience you had than you did on Wattpad.

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      3. That’s a good way to view it =) If you are content with slowly gaining readers and followers, I feel Wattpad will work. For me, I’m trying to publish and gain a name for myself, so I try not to waste to much time on something that I don’t see is growing.

        Sadly, I was on that website for two years with original stories and was getting nowhere, so I figured it was time for me to leave.

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