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Having Expectations As Writers 

This is something that bothers me a lot yet rarely ever does now. Because I’m accepting that I’m just honing my craft, and a lot of my writing isn’t that good, and maybe I would not have learned to improved if I gotten too famous. 

And that I prefer feedback over anything. Anything that gives me on how I did well overall and pointers to improve. Though I also like having votes, comments, and praises. But honest feedback is what gets me anywhere and makes me well aware of my strengths and weaknesses and where do I need to focus on when I go onto different drafts. 

Well, I guess having almost no expectations for my work did help. I put in my best effort, then I just wait to see what kind of result would happen. If it wasn’t popular, I would still see it to the end, if it was, I would just be happy about it. And most of my works are the type that I just want to write it, I didn’t start any of it due to it being in certain genres, it was just what I wanted to write from the start. 

Since I’m still mostly learning the craft of writing, not wanting to become a popular writer. And that I don’t really think that I’m that good to deserve it. I still have a long way to go before I can say I’m even a good writer, if ever. 

And another factor which makes me satisfied with wanting a slow and steady increase. Because I would need to be able to slowly adjust to that sort of fame, which actually does terrify me sometimes. Even if I dream of it, I think slowly gaining it will do me good than having it overnight. 

And most of my works aren’t really typical, mostly set in faraway worlds which have taken a permanent home in my mind, to historical eras that just aren’t every person’s thing. 

So what do you think? Do you think setting high expectations is good? Or just slowly gaining them better? I would like to hear from you regarding this. 


7 thoughts on “Having Expectations As Writers 

  1. I think a person’s expectations depends on the individual. If you prefer taking your time, then there isn’t anything wrong with that. A writer – every writer – has to do want works for them. However, I’m curious, what inspired you to write this post?

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    1. Well, it’s mostly a topic that I would have wanted to cover about and yeah it does depend on the individual. I’m still very young and can take that kind of time to write and hone my writing, so I don’t really focus on popularity but rather the quality of my works.


  2. The simple fact that you want honest feedback (unless many who simply want “good” feedback to improve their sales) gives you the potential to become a great writer someday. Now I would say that setting high expectations can be good if you are of the stubborn/determined kind. If you don’t have what it takes to get back on your feet, then disappointed could become a great foe. Something that could be good instead would be to keep your determination high and to feed both your curiosity and your passion.
    When it comes to improving, results don’t matter as much as actions.

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    1. I really have to agree about that last part, improvement doesn’t always mean better results to me. And thank for all that advice it is great to hear from you on that front. Also, I have to thank you for being willing to look at this post and reading it. I really value your input on this.

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  3. Finding ways to get good feedback is hard. As you say, blog comments usually don’t criticize, rarely even get beyond “this is good/funny/sad/etc.” When I’m working on a serious piece, I have a few close friends read it. I have one guy who reads a ton of fantasy books, but knows little about writing. His input was critical with one of my recent publications. Even if they do not know much about writing, they can still give you an impression on the read: are there things they don’t understand? contradictions? parts they don’t believe? Those big concept and construction issues are often more important to fix than the technical writing problems. Most people like to read, so ask a few of your friends (whether offline or on) to read a piece and see how it goes. Just make sure its as good as you can get it before you give it to them. Don’t get discouraged. You have a good attitude towards writing; it should do you well in the future.

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