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Daughter Of Smoke And Bone


This took me a rather long time just to read, it just wasn’t what I expected and wanted as well. Well, it wasn’t a complete disappointment on my side but rather it just didn’t meet all of them. 

Karou here wasn’t really that bad, bust at times just didn’t meet my expectations. Although I do find her interesting and she does grow somewhat such as regaining her own memories in the end and who she is. That part was a surprise on my part. 

Another issue would be the pacing and how slow it was, it just wasn’t what I expected as well. Maybe a little more, though I do like Akiva and the worldbuilding here. Such as Chimeras, Seraphim which was interesting. It was more to do with the style which failed to grab me, and that I just couldn’t find myself just reading every paragraph. 

And the dialogue didn’t really grab my attention, although at the beginning the handprints were fascinating and the deaths as well. It was just the dialogue which failed to captivate me in that sense, and also made it harder to know the characters. 

This book just isn’t my thing. It does move at a good pace, but maybe not totally to my style either. As such, this is just a case of it’s not the book, but the issue lies with me. 
So overall, I won’t reconmend it, but you can check it out if you’re curious. This just wasn’t to my taste and I won’t say anything, it might be yours but just not mine. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


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