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New Year’s Goals 

Happy New year to you all, and here are my goals for the entire year. What will I be focusing on this year, and what are my goals would be: 

This year would be a hard year for me, seeing that I have a major national exam sitting at the end. But I will still be online, just not as much as I would like. Expect at least one to two posts a week, I can’t manage daily posts. 

Reading wise, I will try and finish 40 books this year, seeing that I have a lot on my plate and to finish this year, and it won’t be easy either. So, I’ll try to complete 40 books over the year itself. 

As for books which I am sinking in anticipation this year, I would list all of them in another post. 

Although I did just borrow nearly six books at the end of last year, and not exactly the best choice. 

As for writing, I will be slowing down a little, and on Wattpad spread out updates to once in a fortnight and only one book with weekly updates. So, what are my goals then. 

Finish Hidden Within Dawn: 

Most likely my goal for this year, and to start editing slightly for it. And for once if I do, it will be the first draft which I have seen to the end. The others, it was almost to the end. Almost. 

Start a new book: 

A project that I did want to write, just a Wuxia novel that is pushed fully to high fantasy. It’s going to be quite some fun for this book. 

Reach the halfway mark for book of mystics: 

Going to be a little difficult but will try it out, since I update once a fortnight for this book. But I do have the solid plan and outline for this book, and finished it last year. 

What about you? What are your goals for the new year? Please leave your input, as I’m curious as to what you have to say. 



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