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The Well Of Ascension

I have to say that the sequel is just about as exciting as the first book itself. With tensions within the country, that is falling apart with many countless tyrants who wants to be King. 

Elend here constantly is a great character, one which is really honest and kind. Even though it also serves as jis biggest weakness seeing that ultimately it also caused his own downfall in a way. But nonetheless interesting to see how he fell and then rose again. As for the end, that was interesting to see and even know that would happen to him. 

As for Vin, it’s like I completely connect with her on many levels. All her emotions, her feelings. Her insecurities. They all come to her here. Although taking a small part of the entire book which I believe should be so for such things. And still being paranoid and mistrustful because of her background. Her portrayal felt real, her issues weren’t given am important part, but enough to really relate to her and remind me about her age. 

As for the Well of Ascension and all the hidden words a thousand years ago. There seems to be a lot more, which although a lot was revealed in this novel there is still more to it. With mostly mentions from Kwaan and his take, and even more insight to the time before. A thousand years ago, I guess only logbooks, journal entries may have survived. 

And the worldbuilding here which expanded even further containing secrets about Kandra, Kolossos and Mistborn. Now it makes a lot of sense why they served and why the Kolossoss haven’t destroyed the final empire yet. 

While the first book dealt with bringing down an empire, here was about trying to pass laws, trying to show that they are the leader and trying to show who can rule. And also, what Lord ruler had been trying to prevent. Or maybe controlled to a certain degree. Even after his death, I do think that he is a smart person if it took someone that long to suspect the real place. 

Overall, I really like this series. It is one of the better written fantasies which worldbuilding is fascinating to read about. And also, most importantly having characters which have issues but still focusing on the Empire as a whole. I know that I’m late to this series, but let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed this series as it is. I would most likely be picking up the next book, The Hero Of Ages.   

Rating: 5 out of 5


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