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Red Seas Under Red Skies 

And I think reading fantasy genre in the adult section is a far better choice than ever. Because this book just proves it. Red Seas Under Red Skies was an improvement from The Lies Of Locke Lamora even more, and it is just as interesting. 

Well seeing Locke fall down in the early parts of the remiscience was a good thing that it had to be something that he needed to get over. Just now within the actual narrative itself. Because a really depressing Locke is not really a good thing, and not seeing him digging his own grave and trying to get out of it isn’t a book in the Gentleman Bastard sequence. 

As for Jean, still remaining the loyal friend here, and still honest thieves. Locke and Jean has to be one of the best non-romantic relationships I have read so far. Both have their own love interests here, Ezri for Jean, Sabetha for Locke. Still wondering what kind of person she was, even though we do see some glimpses of her personality here. 

As for the worldbuilding, I think the most disturbing thing I read had been The amusement war. That was brutal and often just hard to think about. But we get a larger scope as well, a new city, and new characters who I am planning to address. 

Zamira Drakasha, seriously she’s a pirate with children. I have no words for it. The truth of this world is that women are respected as shown in many occurrences that women do take part in the underworld and are important especially in ships, as not having them around was considered inauspicious. And having a middle aged female pirate, who happens to be badass. She does deserve to rule her own ship, seeing how she treated Locke for the first part. And most importantly, she has enough intelligence and would help only when it’s necessary. But otherwise, still dangerous and pray you never meet her. 

And seeing how Locke has to play two sides, one with Stragos the other with Requin. And eventually going out to sea. How far would Locke’s adventures go? I heard the fourth book was about him becoming a knight, which I think Locke is one hell of an actor and can pull it off. 

Overall, I think this is a fantastic sequel. The world here never stops growing, it’s not just an intriguing world with an intriguing magical system. It’s a world where I can really imagine living in it, vivid and rich with details. And watching Locke who is a morally ambiguous character, like a thief who does have some code of honor. I would say, by all means start this series, even though the next book would be the last that is published before it all goes into deep anticipation. 
Rating: 5 out of 5 


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