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The Kingdom Of Little Wounds 

I would say that writing here is beautiful. Even though I mostly had to interpret what Midi said, it’s just her dialect which makes it hard to understand. But other than that, I like this book.  

For once, it’s not completely about romance either way. The small maneuvers and schemes deployed upon the Royal family here, and the main characters are mostly the ones who end up becoming participants in it. 

Well, court intrigue is just my thing. And I guess from the beginning the character which clicked with me the most had been Ava, Midi’s perspective had been well done, but just hard for me to read. And in the beginning it is an accident which lands her in jail, and starts of her entire career at trying to get better. 

I really understood her and cared for her, despite the writing being gorgeous, it was also the most difficult thing to read. It took me many days just to read it continuously and slowly, which is why this book isn’t for the patient. A lot comes from trying to read between the lines here. 

And the real antagonist here is interesting, even though I really want to know what made him as such. He has a hihe presence, before his death had been quite interesting as he was done in by the main characters. 

And it doesn’t really shy away from having some queer themes, the king is in love with a man here. And Isabella might also be one as well. 

The plot moves slowly, which is usual of historical fiction and sometimes too slow for my taste and too distant too. But nonetheless, I enjoyed this book for its characters, themes and most importantly: the writing 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 


2 thoughts on “The Kingdom Of Little Wounds 

  1. I read and reviewed this book last year and loved it! I found it so different from other novels. Can’t believe it was marketed as a YA novel, like did they read it? lol. I get what you mean about slow plot and it was a very difficult read. But I love slow novels so I think that’s why I really enjoyed it. This was a great review though!

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