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The Steep And Thorny Way 

I really liked this books, for its themes which are handled well. To the mystery itself which is rather difficult to solve, and has a really important part in conveying the theme. 

Having a biracial character here, and her narration was perfect. Simplistic but not too difficult and all the while. 

The character was absolutely well done. I really could see that this was a strong character, she goes through a lot of development here. And decides to fight it through ways that she can, by choosing to change the situation rather than just getting back. 

And her father’s death, which was something suspicious and itself had been interesting with a lot of turns. And I’m still surpised how the author managed to intertwine so much of actual history into it. The whole setting may be horrible, and bleak, but it’s a great portrayal of it that spares no reader, and most importantly makes us thankful for the times we live in now. 

Especially knowing that you can be sterilized just because of your skin colour or your orientation. 

The entire situation was the best thing about the book and how it can cause a man’s death. It is a bleak future, but Hanalee still believes she can change it. And I really admire her for that, and all the more makes her a relatable character when she makes mistakes and assumed her father’s killer to what is reality. I accepted it, really and when everything came crashing down, I hoped that she would come out alive in this. 

As for the other characters many of them stood out. There is almost no romance here. Even the main male character isn’t interested in dating Hanalee, he’s more likely to date a guy instead. And I like the story for being about a biracial girl who wants to know the truth of her father’s death, only to find a really really insane cult against her, and one who wants to “purify” Oregon. 

I really really enjoyed this book, for it focusing more on the difficult issues rather than just romance. And it’s something you should pick up for a realistic portrayal of America in 1920s. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 


2 thoughts on “The Steep And Thorny Way 

  1. I’m really curious about how many books you actually read. It seems like you put out a new book review every few days. That’s crazy to me. Ha! I guess I could probably read more books if I cut back on video games…nah.

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    1. Well I read a lot of books and borrow a crazier amount(some which I never get to), and I grew bored of video games or mobile games, seeing as I only own phone which is why I ended up reasing quite a lot. And being a fast reader really helps them come out.

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