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The Republic Of Thieves 

I would say that this was nonetheless interesting. This is very much the turning point of the series, and where it would head eventually. And revealing plenty of secrets regarding Locke and his entire backstory, it really is unique and almost impossible to know. 

As for the plot, it’s a little weaker than before. But nonethelsss still intriguing and well frankly just amazing on some levels. 

And knowing more about the Bondsmagi, such as how they are named, and how they worked even. With some additions apart from the Falconer to the Bondsmagi, such as Patience, and even why they choose to have contracts and knowing magic. And with her is such a huge connection to Locke, and essentially, she also becomes a rather interesting favourite of mine. Seeing how she messes Locke over. 

As for Jean, I would say that Locke needs this guy. Their relationship is even closer than Locke’s romance with Sabetha, Jean’s his rock and probably the one thing that’s keeping him alive. 

As for Sabetha, she was what I thought she would be. And for her really she made her own choice in this, and made her stand. 

While this book would most likely affect the eventual books as well, as this is where many relavations which still brings a lot of questions to me. 

As for the theatre story, I would have wanted it to also have an impact with the actual story here. It was like two stories together which really didn’t add on well, even though both were enjoyable, it did seem that the theatre part had been a little extraneous when compared to the actual story about an election. 

Overall, I would say that this book had been enjoyable even if I wanted a slightly better motivation but the ending parts was interesting and would lead me to continue with this. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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