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The Night Circus 

I really don’t know why this book was even written. I expected a lot more on the competition itself and despite it being narrated through the omniscient with a narrator looking inside, but I simply don’t really get it. 

It takes forever for the competition to even move forward, or even begin. I didn’t even know where it began, it felt like nothing was happening. Despite the beautiful writing there was no substance, I like books with a good plot and great writing to complement it, it simply wasn’t. 

And Celia and Marco, their relationship is dull. I feel nothing towards them. Even their meeting felt rushed itself that they all of a sudden decided to become lovers after one meeting, if it’s magic to entertain the people who started the game, sure I can understand, whatever it makes sense but if it’s for almost no reason, I don’t get it. 

And the whole reason of why they just choose to play I never really understand, but really both are psychopaths, and decide to just want to watch a competition and nothing else. There is almost no other reason other than that. I really don’t get the idea of it at all, it’s like they wanted a circus, they used one, they wanted to see a completion they went through all the trouble to train two kids who would pit themselves against each other yet never make them hurt each other or try to raise the stakes. 

That’s the whole point of a competiton, it’s like these dudes who made it never bother to try and make it entertaining or even remotely different, so many have killed each other maybe try another way than the same way. 

If I was given a choice, I would pick them and pit then against each other with little chance of even having a romance blossoming, and letting them know their entire reason why I took them in. 

I simply don’t know why I even pick this book up. It is lacking in a lot of areas when it comes to logic, especially in how the competition is executed, making it tragic is a good thing but another way is that it has to be entertaining, it’s like both Celia and Marco had no competition for the majority of the almost thirty years they are competing. They didn’t do anything nor change anything. 

So I can’t recommend this book, which apart from the writing is lacking in many things. Execution of the plot is probably the worst here. 

Rating: 1.5 out of 5


3 thoughts on “The Night Circus 

    1. Thank you, I fully agree with this as I didn’t enjoy the book despite the great style but just it was the plot which failed to move me. I guess we are on the same page here

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