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A Darker Shade Of Magic 

I really enjoyed this book, it was pretty much a really interesting kind of epic fantasy. One that actually fascinated me for once. And I have taken a huge step away from such fantasy, it usually bored me. 

And instead of just having only one London or some crazy worlds, instead it is alternate versions of London, and like Lila said, “Black London, Creepy London, Kell London and Dull London.”

I would say Kell is an interesting protagonist, where he’s quite a shade different from most and decided to mess around and ended up blundering quite badly. And his relationship with Rhy, that was really a good relationship where both adoptive brothers just care for each other deeply. 

Lila, is actually one of the better heroines in the story, she is really interesting so far. And she’s just a thief who is actually good at what she does, though in the end it led her to leave her own London and decide to come live here. And how she and Kell meet is definitely just a series of coincidences and that it’s also not on romance here. As for her ending, I think it was the best seeing as how she wanted to see all Londons at the same time. 

As for the villains, they are quite interesting seeing as how Kell stole something from them, and all they want is to get it back and punish him for it. Astrid has a totally different view of it when compared to Athos, and yet they still are both monarchs. But they do make quite an interesting pair, and what they want is quite normal for them to want and crave a better London. 

I would say the most well done had been the worldbuilding and magic system, which actually really intrigued me and made a lot of sense often. And how all the Londons came together as one, and also how magic worked and even the difference in language in all Londons. 

And making all of them quite distinct despite it being in colours, with language, the nature of monarchs and how it affected them. I would say the worldbuilding was the best of the book and genuinely intrigued me on that point. 

Overall, I would recommend this book for people who wish for a different kind of fantasy, this is quite different from the usual epic, where it takes place through alternate dimensions which are similar but also very very distinct. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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