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Keeping A Notebook

I would say this is vital to almost every writer that there is some place where you can just put all your ideas. It is rather important for me, and I end up buying three to four notebooks each year just for this. Sometimes for ideas, other times just for outlining and sometimes for details. As it can be very very easy to forget an idea. Thus it is rather important to keep one on hand, as it serves a very useful purpose of just being a place where you can jot down ideas before you forget them. 

For me, there are a few tips to keeping a notebook around: 

#1 Keep a notebook in both reality and on the inernet

It is rather important to keep both, in case there are times where writing in front of a person makes you feel uncomfortable. Most of the time I keep the real notebooks to be mostly containing just a bunch of really silly ideas or some random quotes, or developments which I want to keep in mind. While the digital notebook is a little more developed, and where I back everything up. And sometimes also write a bunch of scenes which often more than not have no place in a scene. 

#2 Shelve it where you can find it easily 

This is also rather important as well, to shelve in places where you can easily reach it and look back at old ideas. Or if you are the more secretive, a safe place. I don’t feel comfortable revealing what I write yet to my family, as such this is important that most things remain secret. And also, not to lose it, it can get really frustrating that months of hard work went to waste. 

#3 Keeping them small

This is important as you do not want to end up having to bring a rather big notebook around, a digital notebook is easier, if it is also available on your phone, but for a real notebook, I would say keep them small and easy to carry around. Maybe the size where you can fit it into your smallest bag would be advisable, as some of my notebooks tend to be big and I do not bring them out often. 

#4 remember to bring a pen along 

I do think that this should be important, since it can happen anytime at all. As a writer, without a pen to jot down notes or even a phone to type on once I get an idea is just frustrating as I need to constantly remind myself to not forget a fresh new idea. 


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