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Newt’s Emerald

Not the best book but nonetheless enjoyable, since I have been quite the sucker for regency lately. More than the Victorian era of course. 

I would say the language is very English and definitely feels so, with the entire background rather well researched and the magic being interestingly placed. And reminding me of Sorcerer Royal in many ways I guess. 

As for Truthful, thankfully she places the Emerald above all else, even chasing boys and everything. Which I say is better characterization and agency, seeing how important it was to her father she just chose to become a man and help him. She is a rather relatable and good heroine in that form. 

As for Charles, who really was rather surprising seeing how he impersonated someone, and is more or less a rather interesting man given who he is and the lengths he goes to. 

As for Lady Badgery, I should have seen that coming once she suggested Truthful should dress as a man and even helps her find a way to do so. Even scouring an identity for her. But nonetheless still a great side character who is rather good, and even managed to do that for six years. Which I won’t spoil, that was my favourite moment of the book. 

This was enjoyable though not managing to hit too many beats, and having some shortfalls as being mostly romance with mystery and magic, but it’s mostly enjoyment which is not wrong and this provided me entertainment. But it just simply doesn’t put it quite high, since I really couldn’t find anything that really made me want to remember it or extremely defining. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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