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The Hero Of Ages

I would say one the best books ever. And ended on a more which will make me remember for a long, long time. This book revealed everything and all was inevitable in fact how it ended was what I should have expected. 

This talked about the mists, about preservation and ruin. About Allomacy, Kandra, Koloss and about everything the Lord Ruler created and used. And about how Lord Ruler was someone intelligent and logical, just that he eventually grew consumed with the power. He is one of the villains who end up still having a heavy impact even two books after his death, and is a villain with two sides. 

As for Vin, I really was glad to see her becoming more mature here and trusting Elend. And I always had shipped them, just that their ending has been one which I would never expect to see. 

As for the characters, here is also where they struggle more, they start to doubt themselves even more. Against so many people, such as Yomen, the Survivor and many other things. To even preservation and ruin, who all play a part here. And digging deeper to the legends that was here, and how the world once was.

As well as finally revealing the origins of Kandra, Inquisitors, Koloss which I have never expected and should have guessed. If Lord Ruler created such creatures, he must have devised his own way of controlling them and making them weak to something. And the second book had revealed that bit which allowed Vin to take control. 

I would have the say that Allomacy here is basically foolproof, with weakness with strengths and a huge lot of secrets behind it. And the decreasing strength of all Allomancers because of breeding. Here the questions are all answered about how Elend really got it, how it had weakened itself and some pretty surprising twists at the end regarding this. 

So, I would say this book is basically perfect for a fantasy reader. And for once providing me with great entertainment about religion, and even intrigue here. All the while giving questions which have never been answered to the readers all settled here. I would say, it ended on a sad note but I do wonder how does Sanderson write a sequel for this. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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