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The Benefits Of Planning 

Many authors don’t plan, and not saying they are wrong. But for me, planning works so well for a reason, it’s because it saves a me a lot of time since I already know where the story is heading. 

And planning can be as detailed as an outline, or as loose as just a couple of sentences jumbled together. But it is a plan, that tells the author what he needs to do next. Rather than waste time just wondering what the next chapter should be about, or facing the blank screen. It saves me a lot of time. 

This method is really for those who have little time to waste each day, or simply want to write faster. Planning helps me focus more, rather than think about raw creativity and the importance of writing the first draft as a vomit draft. 

You also won’t write yourself into a corner and have no way out, that happened to me before where I simply couldn’t write anything else because there was no way for me to write out of it. And it can be a stumbling block. And planning saves you since you identify such problems before you really have no idea where to go. 

It also helps you come closer to a better novel, and means less editing work and less revisions. As you don’t need to spend so much time on the plot or the research, since you are doing it as you go. Or having to add characters, add elements which would add to the story, or the worldbuilding because there was little details about it. And it most definitely helps to see where foreshadowing can be included in subtle ways. 

And also, it isn’t something that you have to completely stick to. If it doesn’t work at a certain point, you can disregard what you have planned before and just move it to the direction you are bringing it into. And I have done that, once I got to a certain point I discarded some plans because other ideas work far better. 

As such planning works for some but not really for all, I simply do it because it’s more efficient for me. Good writing comes to me once I know what to write about, and not just facing a blank page. And chances are, what you have written there would mostly stay rather than having plenty to be cut because it simply has no meaning in the story. 

But those without a plan might do so because it gives them excitement, it is quite exhilarating to have no idea where a story would head. However for me, I just choose because it is just frustrating to have no idea where to go next and having to set it aside because of that. 

But it is entirely up to you to decide whether to plan or to just write with no end in mind. 

What do think of planning? How far would you plan? Please leave your input below. 


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