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The Inquisition 

I simply didn’t enjoy this. There were many points where I was bored and nothing happened or prompted me to read on further. 

Fletcher is not a compelling protagonist, he is mostly just there. I couldn’t really feel anything that defined him here, apart from his goodness. And that most of his actions was in the name of good. Maybe it was just that which made it hard for me to enjoy him, as he doesn’t seem to have done anything genuinely wrong with the wrong intentions. And that’s just not possible in my books. 

And it was the same for other characters. They were either fundamentally good or bad, and none I feel was neither or having his own flaws and strengths. Even the king for goodness sake, his father is evil, he is good. I just cannot take this kind of morality here not when I expect more from the ya genre, if this was middle grade, I might have accepted. But this isn’t and it is just flat to see it. I really cannot feel anything for this characters, they are either too good or too bad. None striked me as relatable or realistic. 

The worldbuilding was good, even though I wondered why the elves had such animosity why were the dwarfs being treated as such. Most people won’t just put such laws for not good reason apart from blood purity with the way it was, no wonder a rebellion happened between them. You just don’t force them to obey such laws and expect no opposition, even though crushing it by all means was interesting. And it was not that far apart for the elves either, cutting off ties with such a stupid and racist race would have saved them much trouble. 

To me, there were just not enough depth to this book. For a new reader, this would have been fine but for me, I expect more seeing this is ya. Even if it’s for the lower range, I still want to see more than just this. 

Overall, my main issue is that is simply wasn’t to my expectations and hoped that I might come back to something a little more mature and suitable for the genre. But if you want something light-hearted then this is a series for you. But for me, people are either good or bad simply doesn’t sit well with me. 

Rating: 2 out of 5 


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