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Prince Of Thorns 

This was quite an enjoyable book, and having a ruthless main character for once is always something I enjoy. 

As for it being extremely gory quite so but I like how Jorg narrates, it is straightforward but full of thought and at the same time also entertaining. As a character I love Jorg, about how he is. And prideful characters tend to be a favourite of mine as well. 

Seeing him how he acts and also how he thinks here is probably one of the more entertaining and intriguing points of the story. Much more than the plot itself. And how he acts around his father, I mean it’s one of the more realistic reactions considering the man wanted to kill you and tried to do so. 

My only complaint is about the plot, it took quite long to develop and maybe didn’t deliver that much of a punch as I expected. But maybe I wanted more and seeing how he would take down the count and take a kingdom of his own. But his character makes up for that even though the plot is relatively easy to guess the direction. And that this prince is only fifteen years old. 

As for the world itself, I can safely say that it’s an alternate world seeing how Indians have some hold here, there are also mentions of religions and Turks. Which makes me think it is an alternate world given all that’s happened. 

Overall, I do enjoy this book even if I do think the plot could have been delivered better and a little more deeper. But the character is something you should read if you are wanting someone who really breaks the mold and ends up more of an antihero than you are. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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