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I really got surprised that I managed to reach this amount of followers so soon, never really expected it to grow so much. Thanks to you all for following me. Apart from that, it is already over a year since the blog was set up(nine months till it reaches its second anniversary). 

Although I am curious, what is it that drawn you to my blog? And what do you usually read here? Is the my book reviews or the posts on writing? Or my more occasional anime/manga? Or is it about drama? What would you like to see more on the blog? 

I hope you will answer this questions as it would allow me to further think of ways to better my blog and also think about adding new sort of blog posts apart from book, drama and anime reviews and writing posts. 


5 thoughts on “100 Followers 

  1. Congratulations for reaching that many followers! You have earned it. For me personally, I enjoy your writing style and the level of honesty in your work. From the posts that I have viewed, I mostly gravitate to the book reviews and writing posts. I hope that helps.

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  2. Congratulations on the 100 followers!! It’s a great milestone and you deserve it. Personally I’ve only recently followed, but I just love the way you write. It has honesty and you really make the subject interesting and everything. I really look forward to seeing everything you have to offer. 🙂

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