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Reign Of Shadows

I can’t even find a reason why you should enjoy this book. Why was Luna blind? I don’t know. Why did bloody everyone hide their identities? I don’t know. And what is with the focus on the romance? I don’t know why, but it became the killing factor for the book. 

This was way too much on the romance, and so little on the actual plot. What do I know about the world? Some eclipse, some madman became the King, the previous king and queen died. That’s about it. And what was the actual plot about? I could swear most of the book was spent on developing the romance and pushing forward the nonexistent plot which still makes no sense. 

Luna has to be one of the blandest characters, all she cares about is the good, but I have no idea why. I barely even know her character and how she even behaves. Apart from her being blind, there is almost nothing about her that makes her compelling. She’s just so selfless I was laughing when she brought her plan to execution and ran away, and even more when Fowler revealed himself to be the son of the current king. 

It’s like both of them lack any compelling traits or even agency, Fowler too focused on the romance and Luna just on others. Does she ever consider herself? It’s like she was raised to be a saint. And I just cannot buy that. 

Also, why did the King kill random girls? It makes no sense at all, I mean if you want to get rid of your enemies there are far better ways than this. It’s like hanging a huge sign that you want them dead. You know what? It’s pointless to kill them for no reason even explained in the plot. 

This book felt like a setup albeit done poorly and failing to compel me to read further on. I just cannot recommend this book where it clearly doesn’t feel as though it was fantasy, it was reading a romance between two characters which could substituted for puppets and there wouldn’t be any difference. 

Rating: 1 out of 5


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