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Making Time Out To Write 

If you have a busy schedule like I do, each day having so much in your plate yet still wanting to write, then you have come to the right post. Here is where I am going to share some of my secrets on how I manage to write every single day. 

#1 Keep A Schedule 

Keeping a schedule helps me a lot here as it arranges my time properly and leaves me with open spaces to write. And seriously, keep a schedule of your daily life if you want to write. It’s easier to keep in mind and set aside time if you have a schedule in mind and also ensures that I can keep up with my daily life. 

#2 Planning ahead of time 

If you think that it is hard for you to write all the time because of the blank page, consider this method. Plan things out maybe one chapter ahead of it, and jot down notes and ideas when it comes to you. This was the lifesaver which prevented me from hitting huge blocks most of the time and being unable to meet a deadline. 

It doesn’t need to be a lot of even detailed, it can be a couple of sentences just describing what happens in the next chapter. It can help you face the blank page because you know what must go on it. 

#3 Get rid of distractions 

If your the sort who tends to get distracted easily, just find ways to turn it off. If you have a hectic schedule get rid of the distractions as it can keep you from writing and wasting the time that you can turn to write. 

#4 Write when you are tired 

This works well for me especially is that when I’m tired I’m less likely to obsess over small details and just write without a care for the world. And I just write and write until I really start to fall asleep then call it a day, or write it close to your bedtime, trust me it works very often in helping you hit your word count. 

#5 Squeeze out as much time as you can 

Find time, just find it wherever you can. And squeeze it out to write. Even though I tend to look for long empty spaces to write but less than an hour also works very very well for me. And those small gaps are where I plan, and just keep in mind all the notes or just write the dialogue which is relatively short enough to write with a small amount of time. 

Overall, this are my tips on squeezing time out to write. If you have anymore leave them in the comments below, I do want to know what other methods there is to squeeze time out to write. 


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