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Assassin’s Apprentice 

I really like this work, the world is fascinating to me so many times. And Fitz is a really interesting character, he has many faults and is an assassin after all. And I’m just thankful that despite being a bastard, it is more detrimental to his character than a surplus. 

Also, the world being about a skill, and how the the six duchies are. It is enough to build a really good and complex image of the world. I was fine with mostly about the kingdoms and less so on the other side. 

I for once, definitely enjoyed seeing Kings actually doing work and truly thinking about the country. And also, at the same time is not always horrible as a person. As for the Royal family here, they all don’t get worked up just over a bastard seeing how many of them exist in the country. I didn’t find it strange in the least. 

As for my most favorite female character here is Patience, she despite being angry, but who won’t be. But she eventually thought about it and taught Fitz all that she could. And also as a female, instead of being an ornament, she is someone that always works and helps out. And even tries to see and look for good paper. To me she is doing something rather than just idling about. 

The plot definitely shows his growth from a mere child well enough to becoming an assassin. It is believable to me with plenty of growth, yet he still has many things to learn. 

About the skill which was fascinating for me to read about above all. It was the drawing point of the book here, the world more than its characters really. 

Overall, I really recommend this to those who want solid fantasy with less annoying tropes that plagues many books. And one that does focus a little more on the intrigue, and character growth than before. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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