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A book which was very much well enjoyed for me. I would really recommend this book for all it gave me which I have rarely found in almost any book. A really likeable main character for once, that is of my age range, a teenager. 

Sabriel is a really likeable character, and she is also one the more relatable as a teenager without feeling as though she was constantly whining about something or just too obsessed with her feelings. She happens to be a nice blend in between. She to me really felt like a character who wanted to save her father, and most of the journey reflects that. Even after meeting Touchstone, she still remains driven. 

The writing here, felt rather well to me even though some of the words went over my head. But I do enjoy the work for how it is, the characters and the plot  a little more. The world here is well explored and to me clear and defined, charter mages are rather fascinating, the dead and the alive and the duties of the abhorsen. These are all interesting elements which made the book. Especially with the worldbuilding where I felt that it was adequate without it being mostly useless drivel. 

As for the depth of the plot, there is some although not a complex work to read and enjoy. I really enjoyed it for its simplicity in the plot, and the twists to me didn’t feel extremely clever or mind boggling yet at the same time inevitable, but I like it for its simplicity here. And the likeable main character. 

Overall, Sabriel is a read I would recommend to teenage girls. She is healthy as a role model, ready to cast aside certain aspects of herself for others, yet still emulating the life of a girl. Sabriel is also driven and focused which to me was one the drawing points of the book. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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