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A Gathering Of Shadows 

The sequel didn’t disappoint in anyway. A darker shade of magic was one enticing book, and this certainly proved that the series is worth chasing after. Even though the last book is coming out this month and even on this day(do I have such fantastic timing) but I feel that it has been one hell of a ride. 

This book takes place months after the whole incident in a gathering of shadows. And this time it is a competition. But not fully so on the competition rather more on Rhy, Kell and Lilia. All who which share a narration together. 

The competition not taking up most of the book was thankful for me, as Kell, Rhy and Lila all have their issues and new characters are introduced into the story. Alucard provides an interesting character and even once upon a time being loved by Rhy. Surprisingly he was gay, should have striked me when he had no women by his side nor a wife. Still wondering whether his parents knew about his orientation. 

It certainly adds an intriguing diversity into the story, with an actual gay couple, Rhy is as important to this book as Kell and Lila was. Without him, it would have lacked quite a lot. Given as how he was linked to Kell, and tries to make Kell happy as it would do to him. It is certainly something that I enjoyed seeing what would go down after months. 

Kell, here is trying his best to keep it all. And as an adopted prince, he certainly isn’t held to the same stick as Rhy was. He is distrusted by the King, who I vehemently hate right now, even if his actions made sense but still to Kell who did it all and is still sacrificing, I jag enough words how can someone be like this. As for the ending, I sincerely hope that he would be fine after the end of this. 

As for Lila, she is certainly exploring whatever abilities she was gifted with. Even if some of her methods are not really intelligent, but that’s Lila. She is a fine blend of badassery and naiveness, and also recklessness. And here, watching her enter felt so Lila, and all the things she has done to me although some were incredibly stupid but made me feel like it was her indeed. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the sequel as it developed some side characters which weren’t developed in the first book(Rhy) and introduced characters which were somehow important (Alucard Emery). I’m certainly interested to know where this would head after this, and definitely would be getting my hands on the sequel. Just not today, I live in Singapore which is in a whole other continent from USA, so probably for a while before I can get my hands on the final book. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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