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Kuroshitsuji 125 

Well, here is plot movement at last. The chapter revealed what happened to the P4, which seems that they are on the run after all this. They do seem to be nothing more than simply pawns apart from Violet who seems rather important. 

As for Bravat, is there another mastermind behind him? Clearly there is. But I doubt he is just a pawn, but more than that now. Seeing that he referred to them as we. So, who is this mastermind? Given how the blue sect was the named in similar fashion as the Campania being built by the blue star line. Perhaps a mastermind as to who lies behind. Possibly Undertaker or a new duo entirely? I don’t know here. But I can get that Undertaker has some connection to them otherwise he would not appear on their ship. 

As for the donors in actual reality, most of them have extended lives using a machine which suspiciously acts like a dialysis machine. Renal failure, in other words kidney failure meant that the body cannot remove any toxins. Once this was invented, it helped them to remove it. Which makes me think of someone supernatural helping them and also inventing the machine. 

As for the new shinigami, there definitely seems something off with him. Especially with how he acts around Ciel, but more specifically one line where he comments that Ciel is familiar. What could this mean? Maybe fifty years ago, he met someone close to Ciel in looks and also possibly shared similar ancestry. But I doubt that it is often, otherwise he would have been able to see it. But his obsession with Ciel clearly is because of the fact that he is in a contract despite his age. 

But I think this chapter moved the plot forward a lot more than usual, and left some questions. But I do wonder what would be found inside next? Will we finally get the answers to where Lizzie is being held captive? I think I’ll just wait and see. 

However, I do definitely think that we might seeing as how it is going. It’s fine time for some answers to be revealed about them. But I do think that we might get to see Ciel live to his fourteenth birthday, at the rate this is going(it is in November). One month doesn’t serve as a good timeframe to solve all answers if you ask me. There is still many unanswered questions that needs to be resolved and some development left for Ciel before we should see the ending. 

Overall, I do think that this chapter certainly answered enough but not enough as there are still loose ends. Such as Bravat’s true motives, Lizzie, and the mastermind behind this. 


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