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This Savage Song 

Victoria Schwab is definitely becoming a favourite author of mine. Her books are always the right kind of work for me, dark yet light, with characters that I do actually care about from Kell, Lila and now Kate and August. 

The situation both of them are in are simply interesting to me, Kate aspires to be her father yet finally discovers something horrible about her father. That guy is a bastard, and she realises it. I liked how the author pulled it off, making her just be the girl that chose to do so. To me, Kate is a character which feels as though she’s constantly trying to her father yet never managing to be so. 

As for August, he is more interesting in how he hesitated to kill them. And his hesitation about the Sunai itself. 

But the drawing point of the book has to go to the world, a post-apocalyptic world where we make our own monsters? It is a fantastic idea to me in fact, it sounded just so bloody interesting after all while. Especially how they are made, the Sunai are made through extreme tragedies which sometimes happen which is a good explanation why they are so few. 

As for the other characters, I certainly like Ilsa and hoped that she got a bigger role, since August mostly bored me. Kate was what pulled me through the entire book but there were some moments where he was interesting before he fell flat all over again. As for Leo, he definitely feels the way he is being judged, righteous even if he is not completely right. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the story as a whole with the only weakness being how boring August was, most of the time. But overall, I really enjoyed this book for its world and narrator, and how it took an interesting concept and delivered quite well on it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


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